Monday, 30 April 2012

Glitch ocean animal in land (no sharing)

Hiya Jammers!

Today i become an ocean animal in Iva's character, and do some tricks to do the glitch.
When i was do the trick, something happens.. And i went to Heatwave Party but i don't realize i click it!
Here's the picture..

See? Amazing right? Actually i was on Deep Blue then the screen is in Heatwave Party.
We're say sorry, because we're not sharing this glitch because this is privacy.
Very sorry!

As our sign of apologize, we will send you lion plushie! Just give me your username (not pass) in the comment so we can send you by Jam-A-Gram! For 2 peoples only, so just hurry to comment!

And we've got one glitch again.

  This is the pic. of Kani Cove, but why the donuts and the burgers are flying?
Maybe it's the burgers and donuts from Dinner Party, eh..

That's it Jammers, we're so sorry to you!
Keep Jamming Around the Jamaa Jammers!


  1. Replies
    1. So sorry to keep you waiting! I'll send now. I'll promise!

  2. My user is Gylfie101, if the last plushie hasn't already been taken :) if it has dont worry im okay :)

  3. Wow that glitch must be awesome! im going to try it on friday cause my dad only lets me play on fridays and saturdays :( my mom says the same thing to so, hope it works! -raibowdangerdoo

  4. And i know that glitch already from a youtube video -rainbowdangerdoo

  5. Hey its me again Gylfie101, just seeing if you sent me a lion plushie already if you still had one left???

    1. I have one, i'll sent you later! :)

  6. limesoda14 send me one if you still have one :)

    1. Aww so sorry, the plushie is already been taken :(