Friday, 13 April 2012

"Black Hole"

Hiya Jammers!

Haven't you noticed, several dens in Jamaa has a 'black hole'? I have too. Let's see :

Look, i made it myself! A shoji screen and a rectangular coffee table. How magnificent!

Here are some steps you can do to make a 'black hole' :

You must own very many one thing. (min. 26)

Put it at the same place.

Then you'll do the 'black hole' thing!
Remember to use many things you got! You can make a really big 'black hole', using 2 trees or very many Strobe Light.

See? Only 45 gems! But it's for members only. Using the strobe light can make the very big 'black hole', but not as big as one small den.

Okay, that's for today Jammers!
Keep Jamming around the Jamaa and keep smile!


  1. thanks that really helped your the best! ;) ( oh by the way my user is abcqrs on aj so please buddy me! )

  2. where do u get strobe light?

  3. Hi!! Send me a plushie I'm Zoevans123

  4. hello im julian45, gift me and buddy me plz